Virtual Assistant – NLU


Callers will speak in free-format speech and self-service dialogues will guide the users to complete their requests inside the IVR and gives users the ability to conduct all their banking transactions automatically and receive information and services over the phone via simple speech commands.


Natural language understanding empowers users to interact with systems and devices in their own words without being constrained by a fixed set of responses. It helps systems like the IVR or virtual assistants better understand a human’s words because it can recognize a wider variety of responses, even if it has never heard them before.


NLU technology brings unparalleled expertise – delivering improved routing accuracy,
shorter calls and the
know-how to turn caller intent data into a more conversational, intelligent self-service experience
Voice Banking has become a popular channel for customers who may not carry smartphone devices with Internet access, or are uncomfortable with using online banking, to communicate and make transactions remotely and at their convenience.

Moreover, with a complete Voice Banking Solution a bank is able to improve customer service, reduce operating costs, increase service efficiency and consistency, and offer business innovation while enhancing customer satisfaction!


  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Logistics