Video Advisory LIVESHOP


Sales enabling video platform design for a premium customer experience. Deploy not only the platform software, but also the hardware station .LiveShop is a feature that is added to your current website setup and gives the visitor an alternative way of interacting with your company, brand or product. LiveShop is easy to access since nothing is installed on the visitors computer. Adding LiveShop to your companies existing service means adding new ways to communicate with your visitors. Once LiveShop is connected to your website your visitors will get a notice that you provide service via audio, video and text chatting, presenting your company’s products and offers by moving graphical objects, galleries and interactive forms over the visitors computer screen.


Because the personal meeting creates a strong relationship with the customer and builds trust, essential ingredients in a successful business!


Advice / Expert help / Guidance / Service
-Demonstrate, present and explain a product or service online
-The same personal service you receive in stores, online
-Higher conversion, Lower return rates and increased basket value
Manage peaks and human resources locally through central Staff
-When there are queues in the store
-If the store staff do not have the answer to the customer’s question
Customer experience / customer satisfaction
-Personal and individual service with no geographical boundaries
-Best in-store experience online


  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Tourism
  • Health