Description Voicebiometrics

Voice biometrics work by comparing a person’s voice to a voiceprint stored on file. The voice is analyzed for over 140 factors against a voiceprint that is impossible to spoof or duplicate and cannot be reused if stolen. Voice biometrics can be applied to secure self-service applications and can even listen to a conversation with an agent to provide effortless authentication

Face Biometrics

With facial recognition, the user takes a picture of themselves in real time that can be compared to a face on file. The system today can achieve high levels of confidence by overcoming facial variances, and new technology will soon provide liveness detection where the system can easily determine if a fraudster is using a photograph.


Your customers want to have a choice. With multi-modal biometrics they can choose the authentication mode that matches their situation. On a crowded bus, it may be easier to authenticate with a selfie rather than a voice password. By giving customers choice, enterprises improve customer satisfaction.


-The process is so easy for customers to create fabulous success with voice biometrics.
-A vastly more secure and convenient gateway to any app that contains personal information or enables sensitive transactions.
-Agents can serve customers immediately when the call is answered. No need for an interrogation process
-Customers can get to the functionality they want quicker and actually benefit from the self-service investments made by your organization.
-A quicker and easier-to-use authentication process that boosts completion rates whilst reducing fraud.


  • Telecom
  • Energy
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail